"Friends and those admired"


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Lynx and such

C. K. Wilde is a founder of Artichoke Yink Press and the Booklyn Artists Alliance.
Mail : 710 South Garfeild ave., Alhambra, Ca., 91801 Email contact

Dylan Graham
Dylan draws really well. Go to The Pinkey Suthers Show to see.

David Heagle
Currently known to reside in the Brooklyn highlands with an outrageous array of prosthetic circuit-bent electronic devices of considerable sensitivity and power. David is behind Handheld soundsystem and press, and Somnaut, and Mystery Dimension.

MT Karthik
Nee Karthik Thyagarajan in Madras, India, 1967, is a writer, artist and activist. As a vernacular artist who has studied contemporary Western art practices, Karthik has shown or performed in New York, California, Texas, Louisiana, Sweden, Taiwan. As an author, Karthik has been published by A.Y.P, Conde Nast, and Hachette Filipacchi publishers. He currently resides and abides. founder of the fifty foot pine tree press.

Jane LeCroy
An Intersidereal voyager sent to bring forth love in the words formed in her supernova brain and birthed through her hands and voice. A poet, bon vivant, chanteuse, raconteur, mother of three vibrant children;Jane is truly a renaissance women of tomorrow. She Lives. Go now to her site Jane LeCroy . com

Shon Sheldon Schooler
AKA Mr.Clean, Bongo Fury, and King of the wild frontier. Mr. Schooler and his sometime companion Nugent J. Vitallo, have been field agents for AYP since 1994. An entomologist by training, a musician by habit, and poet at heart, Mr.Schooler was the victim of a tragic lead poisoning that was extended over much of his youth when instead of sugar treats he was given lead pellets to suck on. His blackened teeth and vacant stare are hard to beat at the poker table, and his off beat and quirky humor generally has everyone in stitches, literally. Shon lives in Australia so he can have lots of s p a c e. He is the proprietor of Blue Barrel Press and plays whatever instrument he can get his hands on.

Marshall Weber
A performance/conceptual artist who's works are public, and paradoxically, illustrate the intimate nature of communication. Minimal and enigmatic works have been the result of a dialog over ten years of collaboration. Marshall is a founder of Booklyn and ComPress. To check out his work please visit his page at Booklyn

G. David Osterander
Gitar wizard. Lives near Northhampton, Ma. with wife Amy and a veritable ark of animals. Member of The Earthlings!, and frequent collaborator.

Eric Jensen
AKA Ranty the Polemicist. Gitar is the device that he starts with, generally ending up some cosmic cul de sac. Lives near Chicago where his mysterious emantions can be measured with sensitive equipment. A frequent collaborator.

David W. Lundahl
A visionary artist who makes hallucinatory sound, painting, video, instillation, you name it. Go to see his amazing photos at http://www.newlightstudios.com/

Elysian Feilds
Oh I just love them! Please visit http://www.elysianmusic.com/

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